AnHui Electric Group Shares Co.,Ltd.

AnHui Electric Group Shares Co.,Ltd.

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Tel: +86-550-7309278
Fax: +86-550-7309288
Mobile: +86-13905505237
Add: No.128, Tiancha Road, Economic Zone, Tianchang, Anhui, P.R.China
QQ: 641289349
QQ: 641289349

About Us

China Anhui Electric Group Shares Co.,Ltd.(CAHE) is a global company responsible for the design, production and distribution of wire and cable for the Renewable Energy Industry (Wind and Solar) and to Electric Utilities responsible for power generation, transmission  and distribution.   CAHE also provides traffic signal cable and lighting cable to municipalities.

Serving these industries since 2004, China Anhui Electric Group Group’s accumulated experience spans over 100 combined years in the Wire & Cable industry. 

Our products include Overhead Bare Aluminum Conductors (ACSR, AAAC, AAC, ACSS),  Industrial Power Cables, 15-35kV Copper and Aluminum Primary Distribution Power Cables, Secondary Aluminum and Copper 600V Service Drop and URD,  600V and 1kV Multi-conductor Control Cables, Galvanized Steel Wire, Bare Copper Conductors, Copper clad Steel,Aluminum Clad Steel, Static Wire, Substation Control Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, Hardware, OPGW and more.

CAHE makes it easier and less expensive as a complete solution for all cable needs. With inventory over $2 million in warehouses across P.R.China, we can solve immediate needs.  Combined with our extensive manufacturing capability to ensure large project requirements, Anhui Electric Group Shares Co.,Ltd. handles needs both large and small.

Our products are approved by CCC,AEIC, ICEA, ASTM, UL as applicable. (IEC, CSA, BS also available).  Anhui Electric Group Shares Co.,Ltd. is ISO 9001,14001,18000 certified.